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Dermstore Is 20% Off - Here Are the Beauty Products We're Loading Up On

From the best sunscreen to the prettiest illuminator.

We never miss a Dermstore sale, especially when nearly everything is 20% off (!). Here are the products we're trying out, loading up on, and adding to our carts:

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1. Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book (was $59, now $47): I've been using this contour book for years and never seem to keep it full longer than a few months since I dip my brush into all of the colors to create my contour. I love the bronze shades since they aren't too pigmented, and the pink is just the right color peach for my skin tone.

2. Supergoop! Bright-Eyed Mineral Eye Cream ($36; price has not changed, but you will receive double points!): I love having my SPF built into this gentle eye cream so it's one less step before heading out the door. 

3. Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil ($38; price has not changed, but you will receive double points!): I've been using my hot tools on my hair a lot recently since I'm stuck in this in-between, slightly awkward length. This hair oil has been a lifesaver between styling, plus it smells aaaamazing.

4. Caudalie SOS Intense Moisturizing Cream (was $42, now $33): Clearly, this beauty haul is a great excuse to stock up on what I run out of most often. This cream is best for the winter since it's incredibly hydrating. After a weekend in Alberta, I know my skin will be desperate for some love.

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1. Sachajuan Scalp Conditioner (was $31, now $24.80): Here's a cool thing that happened to me for the first time ever: Following my trip to Park City last week, which was so dry I woke up with a sore throat each morning, I scratched my head and realized the arid climate had graced me with dandruff (cool, cool). After briefly panicking and coating my scalp in coconut oil that evening, which thankfully was enough to soothe my skin and resolve the issue, I vowed to purchase a good scalp conditioner so it doesn't happen again. 

2. Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream (was $19, now $15.20): After going through a lot of trial and error, I feel confident declaring Weleda as the best clean hand lotion for the price, period. Because it rarely goes on sale, I stock up on several anytime I see it at a discount (like now!). 

3. Elon Cuticle Oil (was $12, now $10.20): About a month ago I got a manicure for the first time in a looong time, and was called out for my "dry cuticles," which I didn't even know was a thing! My nail artist recommended I get a cuticle oil and put it on my fingers a few times a week to keep my nails healthy.

4. Living Proof Triple Detox Shampoo (was $29, now $23.20): My daily, sweaty workouts make it nearly impossible to go a day without washing my hair, and I'm constantly battling against the grease that coats my fine hair. Last week, Jess recommended Living Proof's shampoo to me since it does such an incredible job washing away built-up grease. While I already use and love this detox shampoo scrub from goop, I'm willing to give Living Proof a try!

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1. Kevyn Aucoin Glass Glow Liquid Illuminator (was $32, now $25): I am constantly in search of *le dew* and after watching Brooklyn Blonde apply this to her cheekbones, I was officially influenced. I'm going to pick this up in the shade Crystal Clear and apply it as a finishing touch to all my makeup looks. 

2. Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner (was $21, now $16): I just ran out of my Mario Badescu toner and, though I like it, I am definitely not loyal to it. After hearing about the pure magic that is Paula's Choice, I thought I'd give this toner a try. The biggest issue I experience with my skin is blackheads, so here's hoping this pore minimizer will do the trick! 

3. Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Tint (was $24, now $19): I like my lip products stress-free, nicely packaged, and easy to throw in my bag and wear every day. I like both shades, 'Nude' and 'Whisper,' for that pouty, glossy lip that makes me feel like a girl from The Bachelor or, even better, in a KKW ad. Consider this, mascara, and highlighter as my summer beauty dream team.

4. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo (was $25, now $20): February Fitness has only brought positive things into my life, with one caveat: I can't wash my hair as much as my daily workouts require. I've been on the hunt for the perfect dry shampoo to alleviate this issue, and Jess recommended this one from Living Proof (clearly an office influencer!). I'll be testing it against my usual choice, Batiste Hint of Color, to see which comes out victorious! 

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1. Style Lab Flex Hairspray (was $27, now $21.60)Right now I'm only using three haircare brands, and the one I love the most is Living Proof. I shampoo with Perfect Hair Day shampoo once a week for a deep clean, add their dry shampoo the days in between washes (plus the Full Dry Volume Blast to give it a little zhuzh), and spray the Restore Instant Protection before any heated appliances touch my hair. The Style Lab Flex Hairspray is another product I use daily that tames my flyaways and keeps my waves in perfect shape without any crunch. It's also light enough that there's little buildup after use so my unwashed hair doesn't feel gross. It's the only hairspray I've used for the past two years!

2. EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 - Tinted ($37; price has not changed, but you will receive double points!): I use EltaMD's UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 every damn day (sun safety, y'all!), but I've heard even better things about the tinted version. Since it's pricey, now seems like the perfect time to try it out – and because my current bottle is running a little low (plus the double points) just I might get one of each.

3. Anything by Grown Alchemist: I love stocking up on chic and universally giftable products (when I see candles on sale, I buy them like it's my job). I plan on adding a few of the Grown Alchemist products to my cart to keep on hand for a last-minute birthday party or housewarming (especially the hand wash and hand cream!).

4. Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Lotion Exfoliant (was $29.50, now $23.60): Anne recommended this product during a DermStore sale last year, and I've never looked back. I apply this every evening after serum, mixed with my moisturizer, and before face oil, which has proven to be my perfect cocktail for nearly flawless skin. I've only had one pimple since January (and I blame my period!), so I'll be getting two of these to ensure I never run out.

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1. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray (was $28, now $22.40): I've been on the hunt for a new heat styling spray to protect my ridiculously fine hair from my flat iron a few days a week. I've been using Aveda's Heat Relief Thermal Protector Mist and really like it (especially the smell), but it's expensive (about $9/oz). This spray from Living Proof is considerably cheaper (especially during the sale, it's about $4/oz!) so I'll give it a whirl.

2. Stila Matte n' Metal Eye Shadow Palette (was $39.20, now $31.36): I actually already have this, and I didn't L-O-V-E it when I got it, I thought it was fiiiiiiine, but I've been using it basically every single day since last fall so apparently I actually love it! The neutral/purple shades blend well together and I love both the matte and shimmery shades, even for daytime. Huge fan of the metallic rose gold and matte light taupe colors.

3. Tarte Maracuja Neck Treatment (was $44, now $35.20): I was welcomed into my 30s with a nice little case of "tech neck". It felt like I literally just woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and noticed a pretty obvious, reddish line that had never been there before. I've been putting my CeraVe lotion on my neck for about a month now (yeah, I know I probably should have been doing that before...) but I think it's probably time to try something a little stronger. I'm not willing to spend a lot on a neck cream at this point in my life (most neck creams are surprisingly, strangely expensive) so this one looks like a good option for now.

4. Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer Shine Balm (was $18, now $14.40)Another day, another tinted lip balm I'm excited to try. I've tried SO MANY tinted lip balms and sheer lipsticks in my day, and I genuinely never get tired of them. My current favorites are Kiehl's Butterstick Lip Treatment in 'Pop of Peony' and Laura Mercier Sheer Lip Color in 'Baby Lips,' but I think I'll really like the shine factor of this one, in either 'Peony' or 'Amaryllis.'

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1. Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Collection Lipstick (was $25, now $20)I picked up this lipstick a few years ago while procrastinating-shopping at Ulta in Westwood. I was initially intrigued by its striking forest green color, compact size, moisturizing properties, and the fact that it magically transforms each pair of lips to their unique shade of rosy pink (science!). It is surprisingly buildable, and I get more compliments on this color than anything else I wear on my lips. 

2. Bioderma Micellar Water (was $14.90, now $11.92): Given that I use this micellar water (and the Bioderma toner!) post-workout and every night before I shower, I go through this stuff realllll fast. I am always amazed by how much dirt (and who knows what else...) it picks up off of my face, and how soft my skin feels post-application. A strong recommendation for anyone with irritable or dry skin (and for everyone else too!).

3. Stila Shimmer and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow (was $24, now $19.20): One of my friends introduced me to the wonders of liquid shadow a few years ago, and for this gift, I owe her my undying gratitude and maybe also my first-born. TBD on the latter. While I tend to veer towards the "no makeup, makeup lewk" in my everyday life, I am very into the rich pigment, versatility, and easy application of a liquid shadow on occasion. With so many options now on the market, Stila's are still my absolute favorite. I own a few colors ('Bronzed Bell,' 'Bohème,' and 'Cloud' are my favorites) and am always on the hunt for more, especially when a price reduction is involved!

4. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen ($34; price has not changed, but you will receive double points!): Of all of the very sound advice my mom has ever offered, wearing sunscreen every day (on my face, chest, and hands—the first giveaway of a woman’s age, apparently?) is probably the one I follow most closely. This one has been praised repeatedly on the blog (here, here, and here), so I can’t wait to give it a go myself!

If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.