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Brow Breakdown

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A couple of years back, if you'd asked me to pick only a couple of beauty products that I swear by, I would have never mentioned anything to do with my eyebrows (I'd have gone for concealer, mascara and blush). But after desperately trying to grow my brows back for a while now, filling them in has become part of my daily routine. There are so many different ways to do it though, that I decided to try out three products to see how I liked each one. Here's my take on whether I prefer to use a shadow, pencil or colored gel and the pros and cons for each.


Powder: Anastasia Brow Powder

Pros - Easy to build, has the most natural look, can mix-and-match shades to get the perfect color.

Cons - Requires two items (shadow and brush). Eyebrows don't stand up, so a gel is needed.



Pencil (my favorite): Lancôme Brow Liner

Pros - Super fine tip so I can add very natural-looking hairs, glides on easily, so it doesn't look severe.

Cons - The comb isn't the best. Eyebrows don't stay up, so gel is needed.



Colored Gel: Nars Brow Gel

Pros - Only one required step that deposits color and helps eyebrows stand up.

Cons - A bit messy, hard to control amount you get, doesn't fill in as well as other options.


Also, my tips on getting the best brows.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.