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Bronzed Peach Make-up Tutorial

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A few weeks back I didn't see daylight for a few days due to a nasty stomach bug and when I finally started feeling better, I didn't look like it. I was pale and sallow, so I needed to use a few make-up tricks to make me look a little healthier and less zombie-like. Here are my tips for getting a bronzed, peachy glow.


Products: St. Tropez Gold Illuminating Cream, Nars 'Key Largo' Eyeshadow Duo, RMS Bronzer, Nars 'Torres Del Paine' Lip Pencil, Estée Lauder 'Blackened Cocoa' Eyeliner


I typically use a powder bronzer that I apply with a brush, but lately I've been preferring the look of cream-based products, since it offers more of a natural glow. I apply this one to my cheekbones, along my hair line, down the sides of my nose and along my jawline. Then I blend really well.


I use both the pale peach and the bronze sparkle shadow from the Nars duo, which I blend along my entire lid. Using a small, angled brush, I also apply some of the darker shade along my bottom lashes.


I line the inner rims of my eyes with a dark brown eyeliner and then smudge it a bit on the bottom.


In the past, I would have gone with a nude lip, but lately I've been liking a bit more color. This pencil is a pretty, peachy pastel shade that I made a little less bright with a touch of concealer on top. I finished with highlighting cream along my cheekbones and along my brow bones.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.