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A 3-Second Trick To Change Your Entire Look

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Anytime I'm feeling uninspired when getting ready, I jump to the conclusion that I need an entirely new wardrobe. Since that's not entirely realistic, I've come around to the idea that sometimes a little shift in my beauty routine can be just as effective. Typically I'll put on a bright lipstick or add a bit of eyeliner, but lately I've been making an even subtler change that has a surprisingly big impact: switching up where I part my hair. Not only is it about the quickest change you can make, but depending on where your hair falls, it can really give you an entirely new look. 


Middle Part There's something about a middle part that was always a bit intimidating to me (I was convinced it was too severe for my face). But after my hair stylist encouraged me to try it, I now think it elongates my face nicely and makes my features look a little sharper. It’s hard to pull this off with stick straight hair (it can go into '70s Cher territory pretty darn fast), so I usually take a curler to the front pieces for a little extra shape. 


Side part My hair naturally falls this way, so a shallow side part is not only the easiest for me, but I also don’t have to fight any wayward curls or cowlicks. If you don't know which side is more flattering on you, part it both ways and then take pictures. It sounds silly, but often times that will make it really easy to tell.


Deep side A deep side part is a dramatic look and something I typically reserve for evenings, even if the rest of my outfit is really relaxed. For a less drastic version, I'll sometimes part my hair like this, but then pull it back into a low ponytail at the nape of my neck.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.