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5 Beauty Projects to Dive Into While You're Stuck at Home

Try the at-home hacks you've always wanted to learn.
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For most of us in the office, beauty is not only something we're passionate about, but something we seek solace in. Spending the time to take care of yourself instantly relieves stress and anxiety while bringing about a sense of normalcy—plus, no one will know if you apply a cooling eye mask or Emily's favorite hair oil while you answer emails from your couch. If you're looking for a way to pass the time or for some much-needed R&R, look no further:

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Few things are as satisfying as clearing out your collection of skincare and makeup items. You discover old favorites, get rid of clutter, and make way for new things to try. A few months ago, Katie cleared out her entire collection (which was several drawers' worth) and came up with clear tips for making the most of what you have and the best way to organize by date, size, and item. 

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The second Emily realized how much money she was spending on getting her nails done, she committed to mastering a salon-worthy mani at home. It's easier than you think, once you get the right tools and commit some time. Follow the tutorial here and pick from some of our favorite nail colors here

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While we usually stick to covering our favorite store-bought products, we still have a few trusty DIY skincare hacks in our pockets. We all love this rose scrub from Sugar and Cloth, Katie swears by this buttery hydration mask, and many of us are determined to try a paraffin hand mask given all the hand-washing we've been doing. If you're apprehensive about putting something homemade on your skin, consider making your own bath tray as a fun DIY before setting up a well-deserved spa experience. 

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A few years ago, Emily cut the tops off of her favorite lipsticks and transferred them over to this painters palette. Now is the perfect time to tackle this project so that you can clearly see, and mix-and-match your shades, come summer!

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We've shared countless tutorials for at-home blowouts over the years—there's the traditional method for a sleek bounce, this method for loose waves, and this 10-minute method that cuts corners but looks almost as good! Pick your poison and use this time to practice.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.