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How to Use Makeup You Already Own to Create 3 Signature Summer Looks

A beauty challenge inspired by one of our favorite celebrities.

When Kate Bosworth uploaded an IGTV tutorial from a vacation where she forgot all her beauty products, and had to make do with whatever was in purse, our entire office was mesmerized. We don't know if it was her concealer + moisturizer= foundation trick that impressed us more or her using Aquaphor on a toothbrush to do her lashes and brows. The whole thing inspired us to re-think our own routines, specifically how we could pare down our own collections and use existing products as multi-tasking wunderkinds. Read on for three combinations of makeup products*, using products you probably already own:

*We recommended our favorite products for each combination, but you can also use whatever you already own to create many of these looks!

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You just need liquid blush + clear highlighter... Katie recently came back from our long weekend raving about Jenna Rennert's use of highlighter, oil, and concealer to create the most beautiful glow. Wanting to come up with our own iteration (since most of us rarely use foundation in the summer), we decided to mix the crowd- favorite Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff with Mac Strobe Cream to create an opalescent glow. You can even see in the photo—her skin is glowing, even without the sunshine. Pro tip: This can also work as a dewy eyeshadow! 

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You just need balm + matte lipstick... The last thing anyone wants in the summer heat is a heavy, thick lipstick sitting on your face all day. That doesn't necessarily mean we don't want color though. Instead, try putting a squeeze of lip balm on the back of your hand and adding a swipe of your favorite lipstick on the back of your hand next to it. Use a finger to warm the lipstick and balm, and swirl them together. Then dab and apply, layering until you have the perfect amount of barely-there stain. After Leslie tried this with her go-to shade (MAC's 'Diva'), she purchased Katie's favorite French balm which she discovered while studying abroad there (we also love this drugstore staple!), channelling Violette for a just-been-kissed pout. 

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You just need eyeliner brush + solution + eyeshadow... If you've followed Emily for years, you'll know that she swears by her caviar sticks from Laura Mercier. Sometimes when she travels, though, she doesn't want to bring all of her shades. Anne suggests a brilliant solution to the problem, which Jess tested: She recommends packing one eyeshadow palette, contact solution, and an eyeliner brush to have limitless options, without the hassle of a bulky beauty bag. Squeeze a small amount of solution into a contacts case (label it so you don't reuse it for contacts) or onto any clean surface, dip your brush in, and coat it in the eyeshadow(s) of your choosing. Your end product will be a totally unique eyeliner shade, great for creating a subtle cat-eye. Note: Be sure to use the brush on the top corner of the pressed pigment in order to avoid messing with the full color's formula. 


Do you have any beauty product hacks? How do you multi-task? Let us know in the comments x 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.