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3 Everyday Eyeliner Shapes

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Most days, my make-up routine looks about the same: tinted moisturizer, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, mascara and illuminating cream. But if I want my eyes to pop without doing anything too intense, I opt for a swipe of liquid liner. I did the same technique for years (just a subtle cat eye), but lately I've been experimenting with some new looks. Here, three fail-safe shapes that I use in rotation (and why I vouch for them). 



I rely on this Brigitte Bardot-inspired cat-eye when I want to feel dressed up with minimal effort. I use a heavy hand – the edge of the outline almost hits the crease of my eyelid – and then swoop the liner down to start in the middle of my lid. A slip-up or a smudge can just be covered over with more eyeliner (sometimes the more the better). Because the liner is bold, I use a neutral lipstick and let the retro cat-eye have the spotlight. Eyeliner used: Eyeko.



This liner look is simple (and by no means revolutionary), but drawing a thin line takes a steady hand. After a couple go-arounds with this crazy beauty trick, I no longer need the tape, but instead I draw a couple of dots and connect them. This is my go-to eyeliner shape whenever I wear eyeshadow because it quietly takes a backseat to the color on my lids. Eyeliner used: Revlon.



I love the shape of the downward sloping "puppy" eye. It's magical how a tiny tweak can make my eyes look rounder and softer. I draw my eyeliner as usual and then extend the end downwards instead of upwards. It's the easiest shape of the bunch and I can do this in seconds flat (which means it's been an everyday favorite). Eyeliner used: Eyeko.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.