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10 Beauty Products I'm Loving Right Now

Barely there products that bring me joy at home.
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My relationship with my beauty routine has seen a lot of shifts throughout quarantine. While there are certain things I miss desperately (like getting my hair cut and colored), there have been other parts of my routine I've embraced leaving behind—mainly how long it took to heat style said hair. And while there have been times when I've wanted to forget about makeup entirely, and still do on certain days, I've also realized that products bring me a lot of joy. These are the 10 things that I've relied on most during this time at home:


I'm someone who always has to have my nails polished, both because of how it looks and also because otherwise I'm a chronic nail biter (I actually chipped my front tooth years ago doing exactly that). The Olive and June colors are 7-free and the 'EC' shade is a gorgeous, sheer beige that also doubles as a nail treatment, so it's a win-win. (gifted)


I first discovered KNC Beauty's lip masks years ago and their eye masks are so great that we're going to be hopefully carrying them in our Shop very soon! Not only are they all-natural and retinol-infused, but the shooting star shapes make them especially fun to throw on any time of day or night and leave my eye area feeling tight and hydrated.

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For those days when I want my eyebrows to look like they're all more or less facing the right direction with just a bit more oomph, I brush on some of this tinted gel (I use shade '3') to give the illusion of full, feathered brows. 

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I don't even know where my blow dryer is at this point, so it's no wonder I've embraced a product that makes air-drying my hair as effortless and consistent as possible. It has a slight androgynous, woodsy scent that I love and usually add it just to my ends when they're about 85% of the way dry and it helps tame frizz while adding some shine. (gifted)

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When I want a little coverage without applying a full face of makeup, I'll dab some of this concealer (I use Tone 4) on and tap it into my skin. I find most concealers to be matte and heavy and love that this one's all-natural and has a dewy finish. It covers up imperfections, but just-so, so that it looks like you're not wearing anything and are blessed with perfect skin. (gifted)

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One of my favorite tricks during quarantine has been relying heavily on this all-natural tanning lotion (a longtime favorite!). Besides my morning walks, I haven't been in the sun for a while and this makes it look like I'm sun-kissed all of the time

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I started using this brow growth serum in the beginning of the year and really felt it start working about eight weeks in. The problem was that once I ran out of my tube, I didn't have another one lined up to not miss a day (rookie mistake), but have since started using it again. If you're someone who struggles with sparse parts of your eyebrows, this product is an actual game changer.

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I wash my hands an average of a million times a day and figured that dry, chapped skin was my new normal. I'll be honest: I initially bought this hand cream simply because of the gorgeous packaging, but the bonus is that it's incredibly emollient and the rosemary mint scent has the prettiest spa-like fragrance. 

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I use this sunscreen every morning and it glides on beautifully and the slight iridescent finish almost makes it look like I'm using an Instagram filter on my face, but IRL. (gifted)

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In the beginning of quarantine, my perfumes were used as often as the heels in my closet: never. But that all changed after an evening bath when I remembered just how much scent can transport you to a different time and place. I've since re-incorporated perfume and scented lotion back into my repertoire and love how much of an impact it makes on my mood.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.