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10 Makeup Tips I've Learned On Set

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I’ve worked with some amazing makeup artists over the years, and each time I'm sitting in their chair I try to absorb as much information as possible. From their most-loved products, to application techniques I'd never heard of, here are ten of the best beauty tips I've learned on set.

1. Prevent makeup melt by dusting powder on after your primer, but before foundation. Your makeup will stay put all day long. 

2. There's no need to buy a separate concealer. You can make your own by mixing a tiny bit of foundation and powder together, to make a tacky paste.

3. Tip for up-close shots: Use downward strokes when applying foundation so that it makes peach fuzz lay flat.

4. Never use a dry beautyblender, because it will drag. Wet your beautyblender so that it's entirely soaked through and your makeup will go on smoother, and stay dewier for longer. 

5. You can make pencil eyeliner into gel by running the tip through a flame for a couple seconds. The outcome is that your liner will look much smudgier and more intense. 

6. I've always thought that I was supposed to match foundation color to the inside of my wrists, but then I learned that using your neck is actually a better way to find the correct shade.

7. I used to pull the ends of my eyes taut to put on eyeliner. Not only does it cause wrinkles, the shape of your cat-eye will change once you let go. 

8. When my mascara is getting dry or clumpy, I add a couple drops of contact solution or eyedrops and it loosens the formula up.

9. To make an old lipstick into a matte one, place a tissue over your lips and brush loose powder on top. Gloss gets wicked away. 

10. For a more natural glow, put cream blush in a bright flamingo or poppy color under your foundation. It makes my cheeks look naturally flushed.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.