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10 Beauty Products I've Been Loving Lately

From hydrating masks to a vampy polish that's perfect for fall.
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A few months ago, I shared ten of my recent favorite beauty products, and have since discovered quite a few more that I've incorporated into my routine, and some that have made their way into our recently-launched beauty section on the Shop. Many, like this vampy nail polish, are perfect for fall, and others, like this GLAMGLOW mask, are a worthy investment to make as we prepare to bundle up, stay indoors, and treat ourselves the next few months. 

One of the highlights of my job is testing out new beauty products so I can make the best recommendations, and below are the ten I've been loving lately

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1. Dehiya Lip + Cheek Tint in Nymph ($38). Lipstick feels too fancy these days, but I still like the look of having a pop of color, so this lip and cheek tint has been the perfect compromise. The shade is intoxicatingly pretty—a sheer, neon coral that can go on as a barely-there touch of pink or be layered to make more of a statement. 

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2. Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller ($69). I'm still on the fence when it comes to how much I believe in facial rollers for longterm results, but do find this one to be particularly effective in decreasing puffiness in the morning. After I've splashed water on my face and applied serum, I use this along my jaw, under my eyes, on my forehead, and anywhere that could benefit from a little lymphatic drainage.

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3. Veque Nail Polish (in Rosso) ($18). Finding the ideal dark-burgundy-but-not-quite-black nail polish is never as easy as it seems and this one is flawless. It glides on seamlessly, stays shiny for days and, unlike other dark polishes, my nails always end up looking and feeling strong and healthy, even after I've taken it off.

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4. ILIA Tinted Moisturizer with SPF  ($46). swear by ILIA's mascara and now I'm a convert when it comes to their tinted moisturizer. When you first apply it, the shade appears too light, but as you blend it in, it somehow magically transforms to match your coloring to a tee (I use the shade 'Shela'). It's almost like a serum-meets-foundation-meets-sunscreen (with SPF 40) that provides just enough coverage to make it seem like your skin has benefitted from an Instagram filter. (gifted)

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5. GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Charcoal Instant Treatment Mask ($60). Masks have been one of my saving graces during this time, and this is one of my favorites. It makes my skin feel instantly tighter (without drying it out), the pores around my nose virtually disappear, and fine lines diminished instantly. It's the ideal complement to a bubble bath for a makeshift spa experience at home.

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6. R + Co Zig Zag Root Teasing + Texture Spray ($29). My friend Ashley knows about hair, and this is one of her new products with R+Co. It's one of my favorites yet since it smells amazing, adds a ton of height at your roots, and makes sexy, bedhead hair a possibility no matter where you are in your washing schedule. (gifted)

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7. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Hydra-Gel Eye Patches ($75). I've used these for years, but have been reaching for them with more frequency now than ever. They feel so luxurious to use, have an appealing cooling effect, and by the time I've finished my coffee, the bags under my eyes are almost entirely gone.

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8. Prose Hair Oil ($48). I first fell for the custom Prose shampoo and conditioner I had made specifically for my hair needs when I partnered with the company earlier in the summer. I've since used up entire bottles, and have become a big fan of their hair oil. It's been instrumental in getting my hair to a much healthier state, especially since I'm not currently heat styling it. It's stronger, shinier, and after I wash the oil out, my hair is never softer. (This link gives you $10 off your first order!) (gifted)

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9. Tower 28 SuperDew Shimmer-Free Highlight Balm ($18). Some of the highlighters I've used over the years have transformed my cheeks into disco balls instead of adding a subtle shimmer. This offers just the right amount of sheen to the places I want it most without looking like I've even applied makeup at all.

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10. Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt ($4/packet). I questioned whether I should even add these bath salts to the list since my favorite scent is only available in Japan (which is where I first discovered them), but I couldn't not include them based on the frequency with which they're used. The smell of orange blossom and linden is one of my favorites of all time and the scent is now synonymous with relaxation. P.S. While this exact product is hard to track down, all of their bath salts are incredible. (gifted)

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.