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Sadaf Siddiqi

Sadaf Siddiqi is a psychotherapist with a private practice based in Los Angeles. Through her work, she makes an effort to normalize mental health and the emotions that all human beings experience. She also creates content to raise awareness and share tips to help people on their own wellness journey. You can follow along on Instagram at @your.being. When she’s not talking about feelings, Sadaf loves reading, hiking, and reminiscing about concerts.

Where do you live? Los Angeles
What's your day job? Psychotherapist and Coach
Cupcakes or cashmere? Cupcakes...with cream filling!

A Few Questions! ✨

What’s playing on your Spotify right now? A playlist with Raveena and Taylor Swift
Describe your perfect Saturday. Sleeping in, having breakfast in bed with a good book, followed by a leisurely afternoon walk to explore a new neighborhood, then coming home to get dressed up for a dinner date with my husband (or girlfriends), and capping off the night with a comedy
What are your favorite things to talk about? How people are doing, current events, skincare
How do you wind down after a tough day? An evening walk, lighting candles, taking a long shower, or FaceTiming with my baby nephew who always makes me laugh

⚡️ Lightning Round ⚡️

Favorite food: French fries and ice cream (not together!)
Favorite item of clothing: A vintage pair of gold hoops with hand-carved flowers that belonged to my great-grandmother (technically not clothing, but still my favorite thing to wear)
Beach or mountains: Mountains
Cat or dog: I’m allergic to both, sadly
Twitter or Instagram: Instagram because it’s my creative outlet for @your.being
Thing you could do for hours and never get sick of: Read newly published research in psychology—if I don’t put a time limit on this, I will lose the entire day!
One word friends would use to describe you: I asked five close friends and was surprised to find that four of them said the same one: Passionate
What did you go to school for: Developmental Psychology (undergraduate) and Clinical Mental Health Counseling (graduate school)
Favorite book of all time: It cycles between Anna Karenina, Americanah, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Favorite movie: Amelie and Roman Holiday
Favorite show right now: I started the original 90210 when I first moved to LA and I’m slowly making my way through the seasons (and getting so much inspo from the 90’s fashion that has returned).