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Nicole Prince

Nicole is an editorial director who has spent the past eleven years working in fashion retail. After growing up in West Michigan (a very Dutch town called Holland), she moved to Philadelphia where she met her husband and developed a fondness for the East Coast’s *slightly* more mild winters. She’s written for brands like Anthropologie, BHLDN, M.Gemi, and Amour Vert and is an avid baker. If you tell her you’re going to swing by, nine times out of ten she’ll pull something fresh out of the oven by the time you ring the doorbell. 

If you like baked goods and pictures of toddlers, follow her @nicolemprince.

Where do you live? Philadelphia, PA
What's your day job? Editorial Director
Cupcakes or cashmere? Cashmere (with a slice of apple pie a la mode!)

  A Few Questions ✨

One thing you never leave the house without? Costco card. You never know when the mood will strike. 
What's one quirk only your best friend would know about you? I can’t fall asleep with makeup on. Even if it’s 3am, I’ll be in the bathroom cleansing and moisturizing. 
Describe your perfect Saturday. Ok, first I wake up with the sun feeling fully rested. I put in a solid workout and slip into high-waisted leggings. I sip on coffee, and snuggle with my son. Then I bake something deliciously doughy like cinnamon rolls and prep for a dinner party with our best friends from all across the country. We dine on cacio e pepe and many bottles of wine and talk until our eyes are bleary. Then my husband volunteers to do the dishes. 
Are you a morning person or an evening person? What’s your routine like during that time? I desperately want to be a morning person. It looks like this: my alarm goes off at 6am and snoozes until 7:15am. I brush my teeth, splash water on my face, and race down the stairs to get my son out the door for preschool. I curse the fact that I don’t have time for coffee and promise myself I’ll wake up earlier the next day as I power walk down the sidewalk. Repeat every day. 
What are your favorite things to talk about? Enneagram numbers (3w2 here), new restaurants, and family dynamics (always fascinating). 
How do you wind down after a tough day? A hot bath with tons of Epsom salts, de Mamiel altitude oil, and FaceTime with my twin sister. 

⚡️ Lightning Round ⚡️

Favorite food: Fresh pasta
Favorite item of clothing: Vince v-neck sweaters
Savory or sweet: Sweet
Beach or mountains: Beach—specifically the West Michigan beaches where I grew up. 
Most-used app on your phone: Flo, haha. 
Thing you could do for hours and never get sick of: Bake! (I made hundreds of cookies and rolls this past holiday neighbors benefitted :))
One word friends would use to describe you: Inquisitive. I love getting to know—like really deeply know—people. 
What did you go to school for: Communications & Spanish
Go-to drink order: Cabernet Sauvignon 
Favorite movie: 'The Devil Wears Prada' has never let me down.  

Image of Nicole by @mmadalynne.