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Jill Atogwe

Jill Atogwe lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband Oshiomogho and three always busy littles ages 5, 3 and 2 months. She is a stay at home mom that fills every minute of the fringe hours with illustrating, writing and creating content for her lifestyle blog, Gold & Graphite.

Where do you live? Dallas, Texas
What's your day job? On paper, it's 'Full-Time Mom.' That role is also filled with lots of painting, writing, photography, and blogging during naptime and in spare minutes wherever I can find them.
Cupcakes or cashmere? Unless it's a Sweet Laurel cupcake, cashmere all the way for me!

 A Few Questions ✨

What’s playing on your Spotify right now?
The Little Things by India Arie, Texas Man by The Chicks and Most Beautiful by Maverick City Music.
What's one quirk only your best friend would know about you? Despite being pretty forgetful, I tend to be wildly over-prepared. If you need something when we're on the go, there's a 99% chance I'll have it.
Are you a morning person or an evening person? What’s your routine like during that time? As a mom of three, I can honestly say the answer is "both." At the end of the day when all littles are in bed, though, I take full advantage of the free hours before bedtime. I pour myself a cup of tea, grab a snack of some sort and it feels as though my entire body exhales. I shower, enjoy my skincare routine and typically have painting and writing to do. Frasier is often playing in the background and my husband is usually by my side.

⚡️ Lightning Round ⚡️

Favorite food: If I could have one thing every day until the end of time, It'd be a paleo brisket taco.
Favorite item of clothing: Matching sweatsuits forever and always
Savory or sweet: Sweet!
Twitter or Instagram: Instagram. (Twitter scares me so I don't have one, if we're being real.)
Most-used app on your phone: Voxer, The Dwell App, Instagram
Thing you could do for hours and never get sick of: Hang out with my six siblings and our spouses, paint, listen to my kids laugh, play Scattergories (but if I had a few spare hours, they'd be split between work and sleep.)
One word friends would use to describe you: Loyal
What did you go to school for: Fashion Merchandising
Go-to drink order: I don't drink so I'm the girl saying, "I'm good with water, thanks!"
Favorite book of all time: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
Favorite movie: Anything Nancy Meyers makes. 

Photo by Paula B. Photo