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Cass Venzon

Cass is a (sort of) recent L.A. transplant but don’t ask where she’s really from because it’s a long story. When she’s not learning from and assisting the Marketing Team at cupcakes and cashmere you can find her at a flea market or making something she saw on the internet. But not in the kitchen, never there. Follow her on Instagram at @cassvenzon.

Where do you live? L.A.
What's your day job? Marketing Coordinator at cupcakes and cashmere
Cupcakes or cashmere? Cashmere all the way — I love anything comfy and soft

A Few Questions!

Describe your perfect Saturday. Sleeping in, not checking my phone until late in the day, a trip to my favorite thrift shop, sushi or Thai food, and then a Netflix nightcap.
Are you a morning person or an evening person? What’s your routine like during that time? I wish I was a morning person but as you can see above, I love my sleep too much. Nighttime is when I feel most inspired and it usually involves catching up on work, falling into an Etsy or Youtube blackhole, or tackling my next DIY project.
What are your favorite things to talk about? Pop culture, thrift shopping, and sustainability (very passionate about period cups).

⚡️ Lightning Round ⚡️

Favorite food: Chicken Pad Thai
Savory or sweet: Savory 100 times over
Beach or mountains: Will never ever say no to the Beach
Most-used app on your phone: Instagram
Go-to drink order: Coca Cola (my biggest vice)
Favorite movie: The Holiday which I happily watch year-round and so should you