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15 Products You Can Buy Online to Make Your 'Home Gym' Even Better

And everything you need for our favorite online workouts.
Image via workout queen Kayla Itsines

Image via workout queen Kayla Itsines

Everyone's "home gym" looks a little different right now—and the past few weeks have given us a rare glimpse into our favorite instructor's set-ups! Whether you have the enviable full gym set-up of Melissa Wood, a simple yoga mat like Megan Roup has in her pretty, bright living room, or are doing Amanda Kloots' Dancer Arms in front of a "small" audience, the basics usually boil down to the exact same thing: Enough space to move around (we're talking a little more than the width of a yoga mat), a screen or headphones for guided workouts, and some light weights. Below, we've broken down some of the essentials we've added to our own home gyms over the past few weeks—plus what you'll need for some of our favorite classes: 

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(We're assuming you already hair ties, supportive sneakers—love the orange neon on these—and socks!)

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You can get away with a yoga mat and light weights for the vast majority of online classes (after you have a screen and headphones, of course). But in case you want to do things by the book, we've broken down the recommended equipment for all of our favorite online workouts:

Melissa Wood Health: While most of the workouts on MWH can be done with your own body weight, if props are your thing, these are the recommended items:

Peloton: In our office, Peloton has become synonymous with Cody's good-vibes. But, did you know that the site also offers a number of bootcamp and strength training classes that don't even require you own a Peloton bike or tread? For those classes, you'll need: 

Obé: Though Leslie and Jess tend to veer towards Obé's Amanda Kloots dance cardio classes, with over 100 amazing live classes per week to choose from, you really can't go wrong:

Sweat by Kayla Itsines: While BBG Stronger does recommend a fairly extensive list of at-home equipment, we included the basic essentials below. Bonus: The app is currently offering equipment discounts for students, teachers, first responders, Military, and government employees right now!

Sculpt Society: Fewer things can turn a day around faster than a sweat inducing, pop-music bumping dance cardio class. Don't believe us? Convinced that you have two left feet? With an athletic approach to dance-based fitness, TSS is designed with the non-dancer in mind:

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.