Five Things

By Emily ,

{Canyon birthday party at dusk}

Most years, I find that December sneaks up on me. But I've been ready for this month since about August (thanks to Sloan's incessant caroling). She's obsessed with the holidays and it makes this time of year even more magical seeing it through her eyes. I got her her first advent calendar not too long ago and it reminded me of the first time my mom gave me mine. It was after a family dinner, when I was about seven-years-old, and right after she told me the importance of waiting each day to unlock my little chocolate, my mom, grandma and I snuck into my room and giggled as we devoured the entire thing in one go. Here's to embracing what this month should be about - celebrating the season with those you love and doing kind things for those in need. Have a great weekend! x

{December necessity}

{Playing in the leaves with "Gaga" over Thanksgiving break}

{The prettiest sherbet-colored flowers from a morning walk}

{Interior design inspiration from a Toronto restaurant}

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