Sunglass Solution

By Emily

I have quite a few sunglasses, but I can never keep track of them since they're always strewn about in random spots throughout my place. Yesterday I created a more streamlined solution, while still adhering to the minimalist vibe of my bedroom. I used an extra frame from a recent project (that's painted the same color as my wall) and used it to corral all of my eyewear. It took only a few minutes to complete, and the entire project cost $15 (vintage frame $7, paint $4, hooks $1.50, wire $2.50). Here's how I did it:

{Figure out the general layout - I liked four frames per wire}

{Tools: steel wire, screw eyes, tape measure, ice pick, scissors, pencil}

{Measure where to make the first hole and mark with the pencil}

{Use the ice pick to create a small hole}

{Twist the screw eye into the hole until it's in place}

{Secure the wire by twisting around the screw eye}

{Pull the wire so that it's very taut and secure on the other end}

{Hang sunglasses and display}

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