DIY Leather Motel Keychain

A very welcome home.
By Sugar & Cloth ,

Nothing says “boutique vacation” quite like coming home to open your door with a DIY leather motel keychain, am I right?! Okay, okay so maybe a welcome cocktail or chilled eucalyptus washcloth would give you a better vacation effect, but until your S.O. gets on board with the concierge theme, this will have to do! Double bonus is that you can make a dozen of these babies with one set of supplies from the local craft store… Welcome home!

xo, Ashley Rose, Sugar and Cloth

DIY Leather Motel Keychain

You will need:

Piece of natural leather
Leather beveler
Leather hole puncher
Gold grommet set (with tool)
Number and letter leather stamp kit
Keyring (optional)


Use a pencil to draw keychain shape onto the leather piece, and then cut it out using scissors

Using a beveler, smooth out the edges of the cut leather to remove fringe.

Using a leather hole punch top, punch a hole in the top center of the cut leather piece that coordinates with the size grommet you’ll be using.

Once you have the hole punched, use the grommet tool that comes with the grommet set to create a secured hole for the keyring to hang from.

To create custom messaging on the keychain, you can use alphabet or number leather stamps and hammer in the letter to the leather. A tip for making this easier, use a damp washcloth to soften the leather before stamping so make indentions really stand out!

Either attach to your existing keyring, or add to a new keyring (best for gifting!) through the grommet hole, and you’re all set! 

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