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By Emily ,

Our converted garage has served several purposes over the past three years, from storage space, to a small office, back to a storage space and finally into a dedicated guest house. We have an extra bedroom in the house, but it's right next to Sloan's nursery, which isn't ideal, so I love that we now have a dedicated and private area for visitors. Here's how I went about designing the space.

Since the room is small (approximately 300 sq. feet), I decided to keep the palette neutral and clean. The walls were heather gray with a white ceiling, which only cramped the space more, so I painted it all the same bright white (Benjamin Moore's 'Super White') to create an airy look and feel. I swapped out the old seagrass flooring for luxury vinyl and added a small area rug to soften the space. Since the bed couldn't float in the room and had to be placed against a wall in order to fit, it meant that there could only be one nightstand, which I wanted to keep sparse. I opted for a wall-mounted plug-in sconce to save room on the nightstand so that the only things on top would be a woven tray with a carafe of water, a candle, and some matches.

Getting the bed set up was the easiest part of the design process. Leesa sells everything online, so you can literally order from your phone. The mattress arrives, shrink-wrapped in a single box, which makes moving it into your space a lot easier than a standard mattress. Once unwrapped, the dense foam settles into your bed quickly and smoothly. Naturally, we wanted to ensure our guests would enjoy a good night's sleep and after taking a few naps, we've come away impressed and convinced that anyone sleeping on this bed is going to very satisfied. The best part, Leesa provides a 100 night in-home trial, so you can get a full refund if you decide it's not for you. 

Once I had the bedroom portion of the room created, I had little space left with which to work. I debated between what else would make the most sense: a bench at the end of the bed, a pouf, or a plant for the corner. I decided on a cozy chair that complemented the rug and used an old clear console as a makeshift desk. 

As for the tiny kitchenette, I stocked it with serveware, some snacks that are tucked inside the baskets, and a little station for making coffee. I switched out the old knobs on the cabinets for simple chrome ones and added them to the nightstand as well, so it all felt cohesive. The only change I made to the bathroom was to ditch the bluish gray paint, which made it look dark, and painted it the same white as the rest of the space. As for the loft, it provides a nice area for storage, but the low ceiling and tight corner at the top of the ladder makes it tough to access (though I'm sure it'll morph into a fun play area for Sloan in a few years).

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After


Leesa mattress | Paint | Acrylic table | Wicker chairPink chairFluffy pillowGrey throw/scarfBeddingBedRug | Geode art: top and bottomNight standCandleMatch striker | Wicker tray (similar here) | Night Stand SconceKnobsCarafeCutting boardPlates, Glasses, Bowls, MugsWhite trayBear vaseBaskets | Flower vase (similar here) | Bathroom towels | TV | Forest art (framed by Framebridge)

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