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A red lipstick for an all-day, just-kissed look.
By Leslie ,

by Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick in 'My Red'

The morning I wore this lipstick to work, I threw it on while walking out of my apartment. I dabbed a little on my bottom lip, rubbed it in with a finger, and hoped for the best—which was especially risky, since I'd never worn it before. But when I walked into Emily's house, the first thing she did was compliment the color. Looking in the mirror, I could see that in just one stroke, it had applied a beautiful, bright red hue that actually worked with my haphazard application to create a just-kissed look. What really blew me away though was how well it lasted throughout the day and faded into a pretty red stain without any reapplication, even after I ate lunch and had a cup (okay, two cups) of coffee. We were so impressed with it, that we took a photo of it that afternoon (which you can see in the final picture). When I reapplied it for evening plans, it went on as an intense, pure pigment with a velvety finish. While I wasn't going for an all-out bold lip, you could easily build on it to make it darker. Its contoured shape will help you keep the lines clean (or you could just dab and go).

Shop the Item Here: by Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick in 'My Red'
Price: $32

Freshly applied

What it looked like at 3 p.m., after I applied it at 7 a.m.

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