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Posted April 30th, 2012

{Eleanor (one of the property's two Shar Peis) at the entrance}


Over the past two weeks we visited several cities in Italy and while each had its perks, our stay at the Borgo Santo Pietro in Tuscany was the highlight. When I asked for honeymoon recommendations here, this was the one suggestion that I simply couldn't get out of my head. It was meant to be the relaxing (and certainly the most indulgent) part of our trip and when we left, I actually felt homesick for the place. We read a ton (I finished two books in four days), slept in, ate great food, met wonderful people, and deprogrammed. Here's a glimpse at how we spent our time at the villa.

{Morning walks through the gardens}

{Late afternoon chess + champagne + antipasto}

{It was too chilly to swim in the pool, but it made for the ideal lunch spot} 


{My breakfast of choice - the eggs were so delicious}


{Heated stone floors + a deep tub}

{Tree-lined road near the town of Palazzetto}

{Resting after our walk to San Galgano}

{Quick day trip: Duomo di Siena}

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