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Links I Love

Posted March 19th, 2014

1. The best website for background noise. (noisli.com)

2. Spring 2014 fashion trends by the letters. (thecoveteur.com)

3. How cute are these cactus cupcakes? (alanajonesmann.com)

4. I love everything from this new lookbook. (madewell.com)

5. Lemon thyme bars sound so appealing. (dmrfinefoods.blogspot)

6. I think this would make a cool addition to our guest room. (poketo.com)

7. Just the name of this nail polish makes me want it. (needsupply.com)

8. I'm on board with the trend of floor sweeping cardigans. (witanddelight.com)

9. The many uses of washi tape. (hgtv.ca)

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