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Links I Love

Posted January 29th, 2014

1. Sprinkle-covered Oreo Pops. Um yes please. (recipebest.com)

2. 10 questions to ask your mother. (clementinedaily.com)

3. Free fonts that are sleek and simple. (sycamorestreetpress.com)

4. The health hazards of sitting and how to reverse them. (washingtonpost.com)

5. DIY leather drawer pulls. (designsponge.com)

6. 5 rules for wearing dark lipstick. (dailymakeover.com)

7. Beautiful art created through full body movements. (formfiftyfive.com)

8. A helpful kitchen cheat sheet. (everest.co.uk)

9. Tagalong cupcakes. (mybakingaddiction.com)

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