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Posted April 3rd, 2013

LWL_4.03.13 1. A beautiful DIY tumbler involving gold foil. Count me in. (houseofearnest.com)

2. I love the idea of wearing just one of these simple earrings in my husband's initial. (stevenalan.com)

3. Dress to impress at work. (99u.com)

4. Rugs are notoriously expensive and hard to find, this guide is awesome. (tealandlime.com)

5. Twelve spring pasta recipes I can't wait to try. (bonappetit.com)

6. These soap rocks would make my bathroom instantly chicer. (beklina.com)

7. How secure is your password? Mine would take 48,000 years to crack. (howsecureismypassword.net)

8. Perfecting the messy look in the best way possible. (witanddelight.com)

9. Free printable spice jar labels to make your pantry prettier. (blog.wordlabel.com)

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