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Posted May 2nd, 2012

{The view of the Ponte Vecchio from our hotel}

After we visited Rome and the Tuscan wine country, we drove to Florence (an adventure in itself) and stayed in a boutique hotel near the Ponte Vecchio. I loved the city - we walked for hours, gelato in hand, making our way through the shaded streets. On our last day, we reluctantly climbed to the top of the cathedral. I've never been particularly afraid of heights or nervous in cramped spaces, but in the narrow curved stairwell, I felt like the walls were closing in. We made it to the top - mainly because it was nearly impossible to shimmy back down - and celebrated with pizza and a generous serving of wine immediately afterward.

{Shopping + listening to live music in the Piazza Santa Croce}

{Best pizza ever: Il Pizzaiulolo}


{After the scary climb to the top of the dome - I was terrified}

{View of the city from the very top}

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