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Five Things

Posted September 5th, 2014

{Ice cream from McConnell's at the Grand Central Market}
A quintessential Los Angeles week isn't complete without a trip to the beach and a couple of scoops of small-batch ice cream, but this week, even a quick breakfast and a trip to the fabric store seemed bright, colorful, and altogether cheerful. I'm looking forward to a weekend with G where we're planning on making this comforting dish (to be eating with a huge dollop of Greek yogurt). Have a great one!
{Tiny surfers dotting the water in Malibu}
{The best granola bowl at The Hart and the Hunter}
{Playing with ribbon at Mood}
Is it a boy or a girl?
Definitely a boy!
I'm thinking girl!
{Have any guesses? Gender reveal is on Monday!}
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