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Five Things

Posted July 11th, 2014

{Hummingbird + Bougainvillea on a hot afternoon}

After coming off the high of last week's restful Fourth of July, I made the conscious effort to extend out any leisurely activities a bit longer than I usually allow myself. I relished in the simple things from admiring the butterflies and hummingbirds that frequent our backyard to spending an hour with my new favorite British fashion magazines. I'm looking forward to continuing this week's low-key mindset straight through the weekend with a concert at the Hollywood Bowl and catching up with a friend over a long breakfast. I hope yours is just as relaxing. 

{What a "S'muffin" looks like (s'more muffin)}
{Perfect blanket with neon details from Lulu & Georgia}
{New favorite source for inspration: British magazines}
{The prettiest store I have ever seen}
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