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Five Things

Posted June 20th, 2014

{Flowers and art at Gray Malin's new series party}

After being laid up in bed all week with a stomach bug, I'm finally feeling slightly better and am hoping for a full recovery by the end of the weekend. I rarely get sick like this and usually get stir crazy after being in bed for more than a day, but I made the right call and opted to get the rest I needed. With that said, while I'd love to post a daily shot of my weekday wardrobe, it was pretty much comprised of my pajamas, which no one really needs to see. Have a great weekend.

{First time eating at Chez Panisse, last weekend}

{Jacaranda-lined sky in Beverly Hills}

{Crawfish party shoot for my next book}

{Bread heaven at Arizmendi, my favorite Northern California bakery}

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