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Five Things

Posted June 6th, 2014

{The prettiest flowers from a friend}

After the longest week ever (was it just me?), I'm so happy the weekend's here. It's funny how even though it feels like it's summer, not much else has changed. My routine is virtually the same, so I'm making an effort to embrace the season by partaking in some summer-esque activities. Tonight I'm going out for oysters and champagne (my favorite way to end the week), seeing an outdoor concert and heading to the beach on Saturday for what looks to be a gorgeous weekend. I hope you have a great one.

{Adorable "mercy" cards}

{Two new cookbooks I'm excited to test this summer: First Prize Pies and Ample Hills Creamery }

{Cali seriously loving her present from her friend Circe}

{Greyhound slushie on a hot afternoon}

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