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Five Things

Posted February 28th, 2014

{Filling our house with cheerful yellow blooms}

This week was about as uneventful as it gets. G came down with a pretty nasty cold, so besides wanting to stay home to take care of him, I also got into nesting mode, rarely wanting to leave the house. This weekend is packed (including our annual Oscar's party), so it'll be a nice change of pace from a mellow past few days. Here's to hoping the rain sticks around a while longer, not only for our drought-ridden state, but also because it reminds me of Northern California. Have a nice weekend.

{Cold remedies for my husband: citrus, honey and tea}

{Finally got around to updating our utensil holders}

{Crushing on coral: from L to R: Essie 'Hip Anema'Orly 'Terracotta'Nars 'Heat Wave'Revlon 'Hot Coral'Tarte 'Tipsy'}

{A sign from our wedding that my parents brought down last weekend}


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