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Five Things

Posted February 21st, 2014

{A beautiful ear cuff my mom made for me}

It might be an after effect of moving, but lately I've been in a much more experimental mindset, which for someone who tends to find comfort in a highly structured routine, is not the norm. I've been drawn to new decorating ideas (thank to this girl), trying foods I normally shy away from and simply looking at things with a more open perspective. This might be a temporary shift, but for now I'm embracing the change and will hopefully continue to enjoy exploring a less linear path. 

{New kicks that have quickly become my go-to shoes}

{Bean-shaped coffee ice cubes for my iced café au lait}

{A Moroccan wedding blanket for the end of our bed}

{Discovering spots to eat at near our new place, like The Bun Shop}

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