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Five Things

Posted January 17th, 2014

{Old pillar candles, new fireplace}
On Sunday afternoon, we moved into our new home and by Tuesday evening, we had completely unpacked. I'll admit that I was a bit of a tyrant, but with each box that we cleared out and stacked outside, I got a rush of adrenaline that pushed me to keep going. It's funny - I thought that I'd feel comfortable in our new place as soon as it was clean and organized, but I think that part takes time. Learning the little things about a place, the way it creaks at night, the light in the kitchen, and that feeling when you walk through the front door. But that process of learning to love a place is such a fun process that I welcome the challenge with open arms and a full heart.
{Nautical-esque shadows}  
{Our new brass bar cart put to good use} 
{Marble tiles in the master bath} 
{Pretty view from my desk into the back yard}
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