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Five Things

Posted November 22nd, 2013

{Searching for treasures at an insane Estate Sale}

I made some pretty exciting announcements this week, but neither has really sunk in, despite the fact that I've been working towards both for a while. The reality of owning a home and writing a new book seem almost too daunting to simply enjoy, but I plan on taking some time this weekend to put everything into perspective. Between our annual pre-Thanksgiving dinner with Rach and Dustin, hanging out with friends from out of town, and trying out a new spot for brunch, it's filled with all of my favorite things that make me happiest. Have a great one! 

 {Georgetown Cupcakes always brighten a dreary week}

{It's official - holiday decor has emerged}

{This week in nails: Essie After School Boy Blazer}

{Thai beer from my new neighborhood spot}

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