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Five Things

Posted December 21st, 2012

{The perks of having friends in the film industry - borrowing screeners instead of going to the theatre}

Needless to say, the past seven days have brought about a mixture of emotions for most people. Moving into the holidays, while the nation still mourns, has set a different tone to this Christmas. Tomorrow we leave for San Francisco and I can't wait to see my family and spend the holidays with them, this time as a married woman. The older I get, the more I appreciate this time of year, knowing how fortunate I am to have my family and friends so close. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with love, health, and happiness. x

{A pine-scented candle that my husband got me from Le Labo}

{The softest pajama set I've ever owned}

{Post-storm clouds}

{Early morning latte at Coffee Commissary}

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