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Posted February 24th, 2009



One Saturday last month, I was shocked to find only a skeleton of where my beloved Built by Wendy store used to be on 3rd Street. With my face pushed up against the glass, I'm sure I disturbed a few diners at the nearby cafe, but that store filled a much-needed niche for vintage inspired clothes with a bit of sass. Luckily, Wendy still has a wonderfully organized site and her Spring line is filled with preppy pieces that will be perfect for outdoor barbecues and daytime concerts. 1. Chambray Drawstring Tank Dress, $239. 2. Chambray Tiered Ruffle Skirt, $171. 3. Patio Stripe Boxers, $149. 4. Patio Stripe Sport Tank Dress, $214. 5. Patio Stripe Pleated Minidress, $214. 6. Window Blouse, $203. P.S. Don't you just wish you had this model's hair? Oh and her tan wouldn't hurt either.
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