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Ask Emily

Posted June 17th, 2014

Questions in this Episode include:
1. "What advice would you give us ladies who are in their mid twenties yet haven't stumbled onto the right career path yet? or indeed doesn't know what they want to do in life?"
(start time - 00:07)
2. "I've always been a natural girl and makeup has never really been my thing. But I just recently got an 8-5 job and feel pressured to look polished everyday. Do you have any advice about how to still keep my natural look while coming off as a professional young woman?"
(start time - 1:22)
3. "What are your tips for working professionally with your husband/boyfriend? How do you guys handle work disagreements and not let them have a negative impact on your romantic relationship? Are you/were you worried about this when you first decided to partner up?"
(start time- 2:41)
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