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A Good Cry

Posted July 19th, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was feeling off. I couldn't quite articulate what was wrong, but I just didn't feel like myself and wasn't sure what would make me feel better. I pride myself in usually knowing exactly what I need - whether it's a night out with girls, a great meal with my husband, or some time alone reading in bed. But this particular weekend, nothing sounded appealing. That was, until I curled up on my couch to watch Legends of the Fall, one of my favorite movies. The soundtrack alone makes my throat tighten and within minutes, I was crying. It was as if my body craved that release, even though the stress I had been dealing with didn't exactly merit tears. But by the time the end credits rolled, some twenty-used-tissues later, I felt back to normal. I was almost overtly enthusiastic and it became clear that I simply needed a good cry. Legends of the Fall probably tops my list of movies that make me cry (followed closely by Rudy, E.T., and Good Will Hunting). I'd love to know - what's your favorite tear jerker?
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