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Miniature Baked Donuts

Posted February 26th, 2013

baked miniature donuts Recently I've really come around to donuts. For someone as sugar crazed as myself, it was kind of my claim to fame that I could actually abstain from a box of fresh donuts. My husband, however is the opposite - if there's a donut around, he's eating it. Whether or not it's a flavor he likes, if it's been lying out for too long, or if he's already uncomfortably full, it doesn't matter to him. Somehow I've adopted some of his enthusiasm, so when he suggested we get donuts the other morning, I decided to make them at home, with a slight adjustment. We baked them (much like Fonuts, which I covered here) and made them miniature to minimize their damage (recipe here). They lack the grease and heaviness of regular doughnuts, but for a slightly healthier weekend morning alternative, they're an ideal complement to coffee. donut1 donut2 donuts4 donuts5
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