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Revisiting the Denim Skirt

Posted June 30th, 2014

{Elizabeth and James Blouse, AG Adriano Goldschmied Denim Skirt, Jacquie Aiche Ear Jacket c/o, Prada Heels and Purse}
I wouldn't consider revisiting most of the things I wore when I was younger. It's not to say that it's because it looked that much better on my teenage self (yellow sunglasses are nobody's friend), but I typically think once you've lived through a trend, you're not as keen to try it again. Denim skirts were a big staple for me - there was one micro mini in college that my friends and I shared, which we affectionately named "Xtina" since it was something that Christina Aguilera would have worn in her more promiscuous days. And while I also had my fair share of longer jean skirts, they were never quite right - too stretchy, tight and faded to ever look polished (especially since I paired them with sneakers). The new denim pencil skirts that have been popping up everywhere inspired me to give the look another try and since it's such a far cry from how I wore them the first time around, it doesn't even seem like the same trend. 

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