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Chrysanthemum Calling

Posted June 5th, 2008

I fear that my obsession with Target has become slightly unhealthy. Last weekend, I was simply supposed to accompany my boyfriend, while he ran inside to purchase something, and I began to panic as we approached the check-out line empty handed. While there was nothing I actually needed, I immediately calmed my nerves by grabbing handfuls of gum, some stale trail mix and chocolate. Of course it was just my luck that days later, I came across this Halter Baby Doll Dress that just about sums up exactly how I want to look all summer long. The pink, orange, and brown print is wildly reminiscent of chrysanthemums, but in a playful way that's not too literal. And, though the model's sandals are lovely, I would definitely tone down the sweetness factor by adding a pair of rugged boots in a caramel color. Lucky for me, the Rose Bowl Flea Market is this weekend, which provides hundreds of vintage footwear options that will be sure to complete this outfit wonderfully.
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