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DIY - Valentine's Tea Bags

Posted January 30th, 2013

tea8 I like to give out little Valentine's Day mementos each February, whether that means making homemade cards, or giving out baked goods. This year I was inspired by my mom (who has a love for tea) to create Valentine tea bags, complete with cute little sayings. They're easy and customizable and I love the idea of spreading the love anytime someone sits down for a cup of tea. Follow the steps below to create your own version.

tea1 Items you will need: coffee filters, card stock paper, twine, a pen, a needle, loose leaf tea of your choice (I used Jasmine) & scissors.

tea2 Step 1: Fold a coffee filter directly in half and cut out a rectangle, using the folded crease as one side.

Step 2: Thread a needle with pretty twine. This can be a bit tricky but I purchased a needle with a large hole which made it a breeze to get the twine through.

tea3 Step 3: Sew up the two longer sides of the rectangle, leaving the top side open. I used the back-stitch sewing technique to make it very sturdy, which is explained here. Make sure when sewing up the two longer sides to leave excess twine at the top, this will be used to hang the tag from later.

Step 4: Add your loose leaf tea to the top opening.

tea4 Step 5: Sew the top opening up (as you did in step 3), then fold the two corners in and fasten with a staple to create the iconic "tea bag" shape. Include the extra string you left (in step 3) when stapling.

Step 6: Create two heart shaped tags out of the construction paper and sandwich the end of your excess string between them with glue. I wrote Sweetheart candy sayings on one side and put glitter on the other side.

tea6 Final product
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