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Guest Room

Posted May 24th, 2011

Our guest room has remained practically unfurnished since we moved in. The problem is that it's essentially two rooms in one - there's an awkward little add-on that used to hold the bed, which left the rest of the room feeling disproportionately empty. Yesterday I decided to move things around a bit and brought in the vintage settee and gold pouf from my office and propped the lamps (that had previously been in the living room) up on the glass console under the window. I scoured a local thrift store for old suitcases (for $15 each) and stacked three on top of each other and added a beveled mirror on top. It's a fun alternative to a nightstand and felt immediately pulled together with just a few guest room essentials (water carafe, fresh flowers and a lamp). Next steps: new bedding, art, a headboard.

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