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Showered with Love

Posted March 26th, 2012

{Over-the-top dessert table + E & G letters}

I've been emotional about nearly every aspect of our upcoming wedding, though somehow I had convinced myself that my bridal shower would be an exception. But as soon as I walked into Rachel's place, there I was, tearing up...again. All of the details were exceedingly special - everything from the dessert table with homemade white chocolate chip cookies (which you can never find without macadamia nuts), brownies, a cake, a torte, and sundae bar to the handmade fringed pom poms and photo display. It was such a treat to spend an afternoon with my friends, but even more touching to know just how well they know me.


{Pom poms in pretty pinks and gold hung over the table}


{Six layer pink ombré vanilla and raspberry cake}


{Toasting with my mom}

{All-time favorite cookies: white chocolate chip}

{Beautiful welcome display + Cherub's Cup cocktail}

{Watercolor name tags for each girl's champagne flute}

{Pure decadence: bacon-wrapped figs}

{Gourmet grilled cheese paninis + gold painted toy cats for decoration}

{My mom's chocolate meringue mushrooms}

See instructions + more pictures here!

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