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DIY: Gift Wrapping Station

Posted December 13th, 2012

{Gift wrapping essentials, organized}

I've always fantasized about having an entire room dedicated solely to wrapping presents. It makes the act of gift giving so organized and enjoyable. Since I don't have the space for a gift wrapping room (let alone closet), I followed the advice of an old Better Homes and Gardens article (here) and made a station on the back of my closet door. I bought this storage system and filled it with all of my essentials,* most of which I tucked into mason jars.

{Gift tags}


{Wrapping and tissue paper, boxes, and little bags}


{Colored twine, twist ties, butterfly accents}


{Side view - I keep both regular tape and double sided for easy accessibility}


{Sparkly toppers, ribbons, Sharpies, scissors, hole punch, ruler}


{Finished wrapping station}

*ribbon, twine, glitter tape, tape, double-sided tape, scissors, scalloped edge scissors, ruler, gift tags, boxes, paper bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper, bows, raffia, glitter.

Most items were bought at Cost Plus, Paper-Source, and Michael's.

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