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Cosmetic Clutter

Posted April 26th, 2011



Given my love of cosmetics, you'd think that I'd have a bathroom drawer that rivaled Sephora in both its scope and organization. Definitely not the case. I even questioned whether or not to include my "before" picture, simply because it was so mortifying (confession: I even removed a few items before snapping the shot). The other day it took me five minutes to locate a lip gloss, at which point I realized I had to clean things up. I owned doubles and triples of the same item; some of which had been dried up for years. There were eye shadows from college, pieces of trash and used Q-tips; in short, it was disgusting. I decided to create divided sections for eyes, lips, bronzers, cheeks and foundation/powders and only kept the items that I love and actually use.


{Old dividers that I spray painted a glossy gold}

{Dividers for: powders, bronzers and eye make-up}


{Dividers for: lips, cheeks and skin; as well as a few other necessities}


{Vintage saucers now hold bobby pins and rubber bands}

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