{Canisters, baskets, low tumblers, mugs from Target}
When we initially thought about Sloan’s nursery, we envisioned transforming our guest bedroom, so the office could stay intact. But I felt like we needed a little more separation between our workspace and the baby, so we ended up moving our office into the guest house in our backyard. The previous owners did such a great job converting the garage into a beautiful, serene space with high ceilings, a full bathroom and even a loft. It's far from complete, but I thought I'd share a few glimpses of how the room's shaping up. Have a great weekend!

{Seagrass basket from Chay. Cat keys are Luna and Cali, naturally.}
{High ceilings and pendant lights. Serape blankets on the loft's ladder rungs.}
{Macrame wall hangings from Minnie Jo}
  {Inspiration board}